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Cookware Couture For Elegant Foodies A Dinner Invitation Not to be Missed By Allyson Volpe With its unrivalled craftsmanship, choice gastronomy, and seasonal ingredients, Florence is a city that continues to entice the culinary imagination and its ritual of fine dining around the table. Florence based Cookware Couture is one of the rising stars of today’s culinary experience.

Power Of Silver

With its own unrivalled gastronomy, Florence has always celebrated its food to be savoured with friends and family around the table. Cookware Couture’s ‘stove to table’ creations speak directly to the Florentine quality of life with its line of 100 percent silver cookware. It takes its hand-crafted design inspiration from the world-famous history of Florentine artisans who have fashioned the gleaming prized silver since Renaissance times.

Dishes fit for kings (and healthy) with the new 24-karat gold pot

Among the most unexpected objects presented at Design Week 2018, which opens today in Milan, is a 24-karat gold pot with a copper core. The latest addition to the artisanal company Cookware Couture is presented April 17-22 at Fuorisalone, by Amleto Missaglia, at Via Verdi 6, in the Brera Design District area. The space is open daily from 10 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., and at 6 p.m. aperitifs start being served.

The gold pot evokes ancient Irish legends, according to which at the end of each rainbow would be found a piñata filled with priceless treasure, which was only bestowed if taking it was someone humble and honest. Here the treasure is the dishes that can be cooked with the precious container, which takes the culinary quest a step further, even echoing the use of golden glasses and trays in Renaissance courts.

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